We Give Back

As parents of young kids, we understand the importance of solid educational bases and also hope our children get the loving teacher that provides it.

Latamcode is proud to collaborate with public education preschool teachers in Costa Rica.

One of the most relegated sectors in the pandemic’s new virtual world are kindergarden teachers.

The majority of educators in charge of planting the most important seeds in our precious gems have worked almost computer-free most of their lives; and due to the fast-paced never-patient technology shift, they have struggled big time to solve their machinery problems. Some of them have had to rely on acquaintances and their own sense of survival.

Latamcode Give Back Program serves our software developers the opportunity to assist in solving every aspect of the teachers contact with the computer world. We aim to ease teachers interaction and offer technological tools that they can use to fulfill their new job demands.

Please join us in supporting this important mission.