Our story

Enthusiastic TwoOrThree
Hi, I’m Carlos.

Software developer and the founder of Latamcode.

Latamcode is a platform of devs powering devs. We bring USA remote jobs for developers in Latam.
Our objective is to help devs thrive with a US salary, professional progress and personal growth.

We’re also a tech recruiting agency in appearance, but actually we’re crowd-sourcing one of the biggest and savages HR markets in the digital age: Software Development.

The tech recruiting market has taken a wild turn, we’ve experienced it especially in the second half of the 2010 decade. Developers being bombarded with weekly juicy job offers is just one of the multiple tactics in the pursuit to persuading at least one more coder to even accept to participate in an interview process. A real shark tank.

Closing the gap with USA remote companies

Which is why mid-2020 we started working on joining the two participating forces: helping companies fill those roles (sometimes rockstar targeted) and boosting developers growth and health (specially important during our exhausting pandemic era).

But with a twist.

We’re pairing with USA remote companies that offer the most-affordable US salaries in exchange for top-of-the line Latam developers. A win-win. Developers work directly with companies as well, which gives them the extra money that the staff augmentation companies were cutting in their favor.

Devs powering devs.

We are motivating developers to apply themselves or to refer colleagues that they: have worked with in the past and are certain of their high level of professionalism; and using that same previous recognition, will be considered as a great fit for one of our client’s roles.

Referring coders from a different perspective, in return, we’re rewarding the referrer with a substantial referral bonus (amongst other benefits).

Latamcode was created by developers, who care about building a thriving work-life balance; even if it’s in the comfort zone of your home-office.

To learn more about our approach, start posting with us for free or refer someone, feel free to surf our web around.